Thursday, 7 January 2010

zizek quote of the day

he makes links, i like him. 
"Jacques Lacan claimed that, even if the patient's wife really is sleeping around with other men, the patient's jealousy is still to be treated as a pathological condition. In a homologous way, even if rich Jews in Germany in the 1930s 'really' exploited German workers, seduced their daughters, dominated the popular press and so on, Nazi anti-Semitism was still emphatically 'untrue', a pathological ideological condition... Exactly the same applies to the looting in New Orleans [following Hurricane Katrina]: even if ALL reports of violence and rape were to be proved factually true, the stories circulating about them would still be 'pathological' and racist, since what motivated these stories [and the media's reporting of them] was not facts, but racist prejudices."
from Violence.

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