Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Curvature does it again

Just feel the need to say again that if you are interested in the kinds of stuff i blog about but want to read incredibly well-articulated and in-depth analysis you really should be reading The Curvature. I get this feeling of relief from reading Cara's bang-on myth-smashing every single time. This stuff is so misunderstood, so fogged in mainstream discourse, and she just cuts through the crap. Incredible. Recent posts include:

Critics Suggest Link Between Priest Celibacy and Sexual Abuse:
"Placing responsibility for rape on the celibacy rule by nature removes part of the responsibility from the perpetrator. It also buys into and perpetuates the age old myth that rape is about sex. That rapists rape because they’re just so damn horny. That they can’t help themselves, what with all of their sexual attraction to their victims. To say that rapist priests commit rape because they’ve gone so long without being able to engage in consensual sex is to say that sex is synonymously related to rape. It is to suggest that one is a replacement for the other. It is to suggest that rape makes a more sensible breakage of one’s vows that consensual activity. And it is to suggest that rapists are compelled by something other than their desire to inflict harm.

To claim as fact that such abuse is “homosexual” is to blatantly stigmatize BTLG people. The rape of a male person by another man is no more “gay” than a rape of a woman by a man is “straight.” Rape is violence, not sex. And violence doesn’t have a sexual orientation."
And In Earthquake's Aftermath, Haiti Experiences Rise in Sexual Violence, which includes the so-often obscured fact:
"In order to abuse people, rapists first abuse circumstance. This story is not about what Haitians do in a time of crisis. This story is about what rapists do in a time of crisis."

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