Thursday, 10 June 2010

mai'a on safer spaces

many things that mai'a writes float around my head and become such important reference points for me, and i want to find ways to share my thoughts about them, link to them here and talk with my friends about them, but mostly their significance and relevance is still filtering slowly through my brain.

i love nothing better than a systematic analysis of what needs to happen for abuse not to happen, and i'll be coming back to this one. here are some snippets:
"life is not safe.  people hurt each other.  we have a choice. to either support our own and others’ abusive behaviour or words, or to nurture respectful relations.
safety is an illusion.  what is real is what we do.  do we act out fear?  or do we act out respect?
4. intentions. your intentions matter. yes. to you.  and they should. to you. the rest of us. dont give a fuck.
if you are fucking up a lot, like over and over again, and hurting people, then i got to wonder:
a. either you really do intend to hurt people or,
b. dont care if you hurt people or,
c. are not able to see that your intentions and your effects are not lining up very well..."
read the whole thing, really, you should

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